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What languages do you speak?

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What languages do you speak?

Beitragvon admin » Mi 20. Jan 2010, 20:48

As the title says already - what languages do/can/would you like to speak?

Quelles langues parlez-vous?

Quale lingue parlate?

¿Que lenguas habla?

Que linguas fala?

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Re: What languages do you speak?

Beitragvon C_K_unlimited » Mi 20. Jan 2010, 20:56

I can speak English, French, Italian and I can understand a little Spanish. My mother language is German. And I'd like to learn Spanish and Swedish.

Je parle anglais, francais et italien et je comprends un peu espagnol. Ma langue maternel est allemand. Et j'aimerais apprendre espagnol et suedois.

Parlo inglese, francese et italiano et comprendo un pocchino espganol. Vorrei studiare espagnol e svedese.

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Re: What languages do you speak?

Beitragvon Kyo » Mi 20. Jan 2010, 21:33

So.. now it's my turn.
My mother tongue is German but I can understand and write a little bit in French and Japanese. But to write in this languages is for me unusual. And I'm out of practice in these.
Before I forget I can write, speak and understand English, that's because I write here only in English. :D
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